The Shopify Accelerator

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I've recently been accepted to the Shopify Accelerator program for NYC. It's a program that gives me access to an office space along with the great folks at Shopify and weekly workshops.
I have been working with Shopify for a few of my freelance clients and grown very fond of its ecosystem and community. Lately I’ve seen a lot of potential in creating apps for Shopify users and applied to this accelerator program in order to force motivation for myself in this space. I’m going to try to update this blog as much as possible in order to share everything I learn and mistakes I make along the way.

Building this Blog Pt. 2

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Using GitLab to host your files
Let’s say you’re cheap like me and don’t want to pay for hosting some html, css, and js. There are a few choices for free hosting, the best of which are using Github’s or Gitlab’s pages features. This site is hosted through Gitlab which has the added benefit of auto-updating the blog every time I push without any further setup. Here’s how you do it: Setup your repo with Gitlab.

Building this Blog

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Using Hugo and learning Markdown
I’ve recently been curious about static site generators. After working with WordPress for years, the idea of having no database or dynamic content is freeing. No worries of 2AM database transfers or massive, delicate, and dangerous search and replace executions. Just good ol’ HTML, CSS, & a little bit of JS. I’m back in the nineties and I love it. These two styles of sites remind me of two kinds of travelers out there.

You don't know the firefox toolbar

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The unknown magic in the toolbar
I had no idea that firefox had this little command line toolbar but damn does it pack a punch. Docs can be found here. A small selection of things you can do through the command line is take a screenshot of the whole page, highlight all nodes that match a selector, emulate media types, inject libraries directly into the page, and log all function calls to the console.You can even create your own commands which I’ll get into at the end.