Refactoring from one large main go file

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How to move from a house of cards to a villa of cards
How to move from a house of cards to a villa of cards Disclaimer: I am absolutely a Go beginner. In fact it’s the first typed language I’ve worked with. I am used to PHP and JS and Ruby which feels like the bohemian side of the beach compared to Go, but that’s not always a good thing. On this more elegant side there is an air of purpose with beach umbrellas conveniently already on the sand for you to use.

Building this Blog

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Using Hugo and learning Markdown
I’ve recently been curious about static site generators. After working with WordPress for years, the idea of having no database or dynamic content is freeing. No worries of 2AM database transfers or massive, delicate, and dangerous search and replace executions. Just good ol’ HTML, CSS, & a little bit of JS. I’m back in the nineties and I love it. These two styles of sites remind me of two kinds of travelers out there.