Building this Blog Pt. 2

3 minute read Published:

Using GitLab to host your files
Let’s say you’re cheap like me and don’t want to pay for hosting some html, css, and js. There are a few choices for free hosting, the best of which are using Github’s or Gitlab’s pages features. This site is hosted through Gitlab which has the added benefit of auto-updating the blog every time I push without any further setup. Here’s how you do it: Setup your repo with Gitlab.

Concurrent command line processes

1 minute read Published:

An easy way to combine tasks
I recently had a project in which I wanted to use both webpack and gulp without the hassle of opening multiple console windows. After a little bit of searching I found the package Concurrently which just feels good to use: npm run dev And you’re done. To get it set up open up your package.json and put in some scripts you’d like to use like this: { scripts: { serve: webpack-dev-server --inline --hot --watch --config=webpack.